DeSean Jackson redeems himself. Vince Young shows his value. Seattle plays tough at home but they’re just too banged up.
Philly -3

(0kay, so I whiffed on that Thursday Night pick. Turns out that there was no redemption for DeSean and no answer for Marshawn Lynch. On to the other picks…)

Buffalo is 4-1 at home. The Titans are finally running the ball well. A lot of the bad stuff you’ve seen from the Bills has come on the road. They actually looked pretty good before Stevie Johnson’s boneheaded celebration last week.
Bills -2

Caleb Hanie can compete and Orton isn’t ready to lead the Chiefs quite yet. Chicago wins at home.
Bears -7

Turns out Miami isn’t all that bad, but neither are the Raiders. Despite all the injuries, Oakland still gets it done. The Raiders need this game more.
Raiders +3.5

Pittsburgh got a scare last week, but this divisional game is too important to take lightly. The Bengals will rise to the challenge, but not enough to win.
Steelers -6.5

The Browns can shut down passing games, but the Ravens don’t need to rely on the pass to win.
Ravens -7

The Jets refuse to give up on their season. They’re like the anti-Eagles. Rex Grossman has elevated his play a bit, to the point where this team might still win a couple games. But the Jets are a streaky, emotional team. They’ll continue their winning ways.
Jets -7

It’s a good thing the Texans don’t need to throw the ball to win. Atlanta should have Michael Turner and Julio Jones ready to play, but despite containing big runners this season, the Falcons won’t be able to contain Houston’s ground game, even if its just a one-sided attack.
Texans +1.5

Josh Freeman is likely out for the Bucs. That opens the door for Cam Newton and company to get a much needed W.
Panthers +2

The Saints are in full on playoff mode. They look like the only team that can hang with the Packers in the NFC. The Lions were once intimidating, but they’ll be without Suh and a resurgent Kevin Smith. It’s a big spread, but Brees will help you cover.
Saints -9

I just can’t bet against Tebow. Not saying I’m betting for him, but he’s just got too much juju going on right now for you to bank on him losing. He won’t exploit the Vikings’ biggest weakness, but he’s just got that winningness factor that you have to love.
Broncos -1

It’s been a lost season for St. Louis. After losing the the Battle of the Brothers Harbaugh, the 49ers aren’t thinking playoffs. They’re thinking about pounding their next opponent. And pound them they will.
Niners -13.5

Kevin Kolb is back, but it doesn’t matter. This team can’t expect monster results from Beanie Wells every week. I like the Cowboys in this spot.
Cowboys -4.5

The Giants can bounce back from their Monday Night beating, but not against the best team in football.
Packers -6

New England will likely crush the Colts, but a 20 point spread is ridiculous. It makes you want to look for a reason – any reason – to pick Indy. I can’t find that reason.
Pats -20

Man the Chargers suck, but things are actually more dysfunctional in Jacksonville. They have no more corners, a new owner and 100 percent less Del Rio. Rivers finally has a game to remember.
Chargers -3

Week 12: 8-8
Season: 100-71-10

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