Looks like the Sandra Bullock comeback tour is in full swing this weekend. First, she hit up the 2010 SpikeTV Guys Choice Awards last night. Bullock made jokes about her personal life while accepting an award for Entertainer of the Year. She followed that up with an appearence at the MTV Movie Awards, where she planted a big smooch on a more-than-willing Scarlett Johansson! The kiss wasn’t all that steamy, but it did add something extra to Bullock’s acceptance of the Generation Award. During her speech, Sandra took the opportunity to set the record straight about her personal life (again), and then decided to give everyone something more interesting to talk about.

What’s hotter than a lil’ Sandra on Scarlett action? Maybe the moment would have been sweeter if Scarlett didn’t get so damn fit for Iron Man 2 and lose some of her topside assets. Still, you got to like these two beauties bridging the generation gap with a little bit of lip lockin’. Here’s the clip: