The MANjr team hit up SpikeTV’s 2010 Guys Choice Awards on Saturday June 5th. Okay, so we didn’t get to go inside and get wined and dined next to the A-list celebs, but we did get to hang out at the red carpet sidelines with all the other press folk. Man, those red carpet events really test the concept of personal space. Anyway, I digress.

The Guys Choice Awards is a spoof awards show where instead of awards for high-brow categories like best actor/best actress/best director, they have categories such as Biggest Ass Kicker, Holy Grail of Hot, Jean Claude Gahd Dam, and any words they could put ‘man’ in front of (Most Manticipated Movie).

The awards show was like the wet dream of all awards shows. Take hot models, actresses, action heroes, skimpy cocktail waitresses, booze ‘em all up and let them loose with a pair of mantlers and an 80s hair band soundtrack. Some of the winners included Jack Bauer, Sly Stallone, Scarlett Johansson, Brooklyn Decker, Charlize Theron, Chris Rock (whose acceptance speech was friggin’ hilarious), Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, and more but I can’t remember. Marisa Miller was also in attendance in a skin tight white thing.

The show doesn’t air until June 20th, but here are a few pics to get you warmed up.

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