Oh man, ginger girls. There’s just something about ‘em. When they’re not hot, boy are they really not hot, but when they are hot, look out, man. Smokin’ redheads project a sweet ‘n spicy, cinnamon-pepper sexiness that puts them in a separate class of attractiveness. Hot gingers can pull off the classy girl routine AND the fiery sexpot act. They can play the approachable sweetheart card, but they can also give off that hubba hubba vixen vibe. Here’s a look at the 15 hottest redheads of all time:

15. Maureen O’Hara

You’re gonna have to ask your grandpa about this one, but trust me she deserves to be on the list. O’Hara was a feisty, fire-haired woman who looked hot in black ‘n white but really sizzled in Technicolor.

14. Rita Hayworth

Nicknamed the “Love Godess,” Hayworth set a new standard for glamour. She appeared in over 60 films and her pin-up posters were admired by millions of servicemen during World War II. From Orson Welles in his prime to Prince Aly Khan, Hayworth married and divorced five times. Each marriage lasted five years or less.

13. Ginger – Tina Louise

Ah, yes. The original Ginger. Sure most people prefer Mary-Ann, but you have to show love to Tina Louise. In 1958 and 1959, when Columbia Pictures was giving this young actress the push, the studio arranged for Louise to pose for Playboy. In 1964, Louise took on the roll of Ginger and cemented her image as a sex symbol for good.

12. Julianne Moore

Yea, I know she’s getting old, but in the proper light, Julianne Moore can still look pretty hot. And who can forget her memorable performance as porn star Amber Waves in Boogie Nights. Classic.

11. Gillian Anderson

C’mon, you know you had a thing for Scully back in the day. The trench coat, that gorgeous ginger skepticism, Gillian Anderson’s probably one of the main reasons that David Duchovny became a sex-starved maniac. She may not be a natural redhead, but her high school classmates did vote her “Most Likely to be Arrested” so you know she’s still trouble.

10. Nicole Kidman

Okay, so she’s obviously had some work done, and she does the blond thing quite a bit, but this Australian-born natural redhead still looks pretty damn good at age 43. More >