Do you remember Bud Light’s, “Real Men of Genius” campaign from the late 90s and early 2000s? If not, here’s a quick reminder. Bud Light is updating this iconic campaign with a twist for the modern age by celebrating the people who make social media and the internet great, renaming it “Internet Heroes of Genius.”

This morning, seven “Internet Heroes of Genius” spots will rolled out on Bud Light’s YouTube channel including Online Encyclopedia Hero, Snapchat Lens Hero and Person That Still Uses Middle School Email. Additionally fans have the opportunity to share their internet achievements by tweeting at Bud Light for a chance to receive a custom salute throughout the day.

“The ‘Real Men of Genius’ campaign is one campaign that our Bud Light followers have continued to reference in memes, gifs and social content, so after years of requesting for it’s return, it was only right we pay the tribute and raise a digital glass to today’s real internet heroes,” says Conor Mason, Bud Light Digital Director.

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