Life is full of mystery. What’s our purpose? Where did we come from? Why do dead batteries in the remote work again after you spin them real quick? But this fall, MTN DEW has them all beat with VooDew, an unidentified new flavor that will leave you screaming . . . your guesses out loud and on social media using #MTNDEWVOODEW.

Emblazoned with a shadowy Grim specter on every bottle, the Halloween-themed flavor will be available for a limited time only in haunted houses and retailers across the country. Some believe the true flavor will only reveal itself once the ancient ritual of going to the store and making a monetary sacrifice in exchange for the elixir has been completed. We may never know.

Like the costume shop at a strip mall, legend has it this limited time flavor will disappear just as quickly as it seemed to manifest. Get your claws on it while you still can.

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