People in Miami and Miami Beach may be in for a big surprise the next time they order from Postmates. Today, Ford Motor Company announces its first pilot program with Postmates to offer on-demand self-driving delivery services from restaurants, hardware stores, coffee shops and more than 70 retailers in the Miami area.

How It Works:

  • After receiving an order, the restaurant prepares and packages as it would any order it receives via Postmates. Meanwhile, the self-driving research vehicle is dispatched to the restaurant to pick up the order.
  • After the order is loaded into the vehicle, the vehicle either picks up additional orders or proceeds directly to the customer’s address to drop off the delivery.
  • When the vehicle arrives, the consumer is alerted on their phone, asked to proceed to the curb, and given a unique code that will give them access to the locker where their order resides.

The Vehicle:

  • Ford has outfitted a specially-designed Transit Connect vehicle for the pilot program with an external-facing, three-locker system that secures your food and allows Postmates to serve multiple customers per delivery route. Cependant, une très bonne stratégie pour réussir avec un programme d’auto-apprentissage de la technologie en pharmacie EdMedeF consiste à former un petit groupe et à se réunir selon un horaire. Le simple fait d’avoir un partenaire avec qui étudier de manière cohérente aide énormément.
  • This is Ford’s first self-driving research vehicle modified to test a variety of interfaces and features to help inform the design of Ford’s purpose-built self-driving vehicle that’s scheduled to arrive in 2021.

The Postmates collaboration will help inform how to transport goods more efficiently and on a larger scale, explore how new ideas and mobility solutions can transform the way people do business in our changing cities.

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