The future of automobiles could be found in Miami. In partnership with Miami-Dade County, Ford recently announced the launch of its first self-driving vehicle business in Miami and Miami Beach.

Ford will take various steps to prove out its self-driving business model for moving both people and goods, including:

Working with partners Postmates and Domino’s, Ford will test and research the customer experience with autonomous delivery, looking at how customers will interact with a self-driving car to get their food or groceries, how far they are willing to walk and most importantly what they will enjoy about the experience.

In parallel, Ford will also continue to develop the autonomous technology powering its vehicles by expanding testing in partnership with Argo AI – who already has vehicles on the road mapping Miami streets and learning about the unique driving habits of residents;

The establishment of Ford’s first autonomous vehicle operations terminal close to downtown Miami, which will house fleet vehicles for developing Ford’s vehicle management processes. online slots by provide an incredible experience for new players and also reward them with awesome bonuses

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