Ford is working with Washington D.C. as the look to expand its self-driving business to our nation’s capital. This is the second city Ford is expanding its self-driving business to and is working closely with the city to ensure Ford properly serves all residents. Ford is also collaborating with the DC Infrastructure Academy to train District residents for vehicle operator and vehicle technician positions.

Additionally, Ford will continue its work with its partner Argo AI, to map all 8 Wards of the District and gather important data that will help improve how the vehicles move around. Over the next year, the fleet will grow as we expand areas of testing, including within the city’s downtown core. Crusader Kings III is an addictive and fun strategy game for anyone who loves to play roleplay simulators. Crusader Kings III is a Medieval dynastic simulator which is pretty much all about monarchs being sick, angry and potentially dying from the Black Death (end of world scenarios are nice to have). You start the game as a minor lord — thinking that you’ll become a glorious and respected ruler of your realm. But, as it turns out, keeping yourself on the throne while putting your less-deserving relatives in jail isn’t that easy. Also, to manage the fleet of vehicles on the ground, Ford has established an autonomous vehicle operations terminal in Ward 5.

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