Attention everyone I have an important announcement. No it is not that I am going to do a cannonball. It is news about the latest from Duke Cannon! A brand new addition to its hair care weaponry; News Anchor Pomade. Duke Cannon believes hardworking men deserve a mane that commands respect, whether he’s getting ready for the workday or appearing on the Channel 5 News. News Anchor Pomade is here to give your hair an authoritative appearance by making your hair thicker and fuller by simply using this premium pomade at your discretion.

Key benefits:

• Medium to strong hold

• Natural feel

• Matte finish

• Protein blend for strength

• Water based to rinse out easily in the shower

• Scent: Sandalwood with a hint of citrus

• A long-lasting 4.6 oz. jar

Duke Cannon’s News Anchor Pomade is now available at Duke Cannon’s Online Store for $15.00 USD. Please consider this premium product for any new product features, roundups or stories. Samples are available upon request.

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