We all love football. Whether it is from the pro level to college to high school we enjoy watching the games and rivalries unfold. Still we want all the players to be safe. Thankfully tThis week, Riddell kicked off the second season of its Smarter Football program, a grassroots campaign that recognizes and rewards those who advance the sport through a commitment to safer, more intelligent practice and playing habits.

As part of the program, Riddell is donating a total of $100,000 in equipment to the teams that best articulate how an equipment grant will strengthen their ability to implement a safer, smarter game on and off the field. Parents, players, coaches and fans can now apply for a chance to win an equipment grant for the upcoming 2016 football season at smarterfootball.riddell.com.

Last year, Riddell received hundreds of submissions from teams at all levels of play. Seven teams in all received an equipment grant from Riddell, including the Juniata Thundercats, a youth program from northeast Philadelphia. Now is your chance to work with Riddell.

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