Bud Light is looking to make America great again. They are looking give us a reason to get out of work on time. Bud Light is rallying to bring back Happy Hour this summer. They are even putting their money where their mouth is by giving away free beers all summer long as a reward for leaving the office in time for Happy Hour. For Bud Light Happy Hour start at 5PM.

Bud Light recently polled employed Americans and found that almost half haven’t left work at 5PM on a Friday in over a year.  On top of that, 60% of Americans have not been to Happy Hour in the same amount of time. This means that instead of time spent hanging out with friends and enjoying a refreshing Bud Light, on Friday afternoon at 5PM they find themselves at their desk, toiling away to get one last report out before the weekend.  Bud Light is taking a stand!

Beginning today, Bud Light is  encouraging working people ages 21 years old and older across the country to stand up, walk to the nearest bar or fridge, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, raise one to right now and TAKE BACK HAPPY HOUR!

Go to BudLightHappyHour.com to access the perfect toolkit to help you get out of work on time.

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