Did you all see the Republic National Convention? Some loved it and some didn’t know what was going on. Yet there is no question that the upcoming election has generated opinions across the spectrum, from ongoing policy discussions to international affairs to which candidate is the optimal choice to lead this country – and with more than 75.4 million in the US alone, Millennials have replaced Boomers as America’s most populous and arguably most influential generation.

Ranging from 21-34, some of our country’s most important technological, creative, and economical advancements can be directly attributed to the Millennial age group, yet the opportunity to hold the nation’s highest political office is being withheld from the very people who are changing the face of the nation and the world.

Today, Captain Morgan has launched a petition for Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution to be changed, which restricts those under the age of 35 from becoming president.

As part of the campaign, the Captain Morgan brand has teamed up with a crew of influential and notable Under 35s who are making an impact and changing the world in their own right – including Mogul’s Tiffany Pham, JASH’s Mickey Meyer, Thrillist’s Ben Lerer, Thinkful’s Dan Friedman, and more – to support the cause.

To join the movement, adults 21+ are encouraged to visit UNDER35POTUS.com in order to sign the petition. If 100,000 signatures have been acquired by August 12, 2016, the White House will review the petition, distribute it to appropriate policy officials and issue a response.

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