Have you ever wanted to customize your own sneaker? Do you have an outfit that doesn’t match your kicks? Well now with YourReebok you can create a shoe as unique as you are. There are so many different ways to design your shoe that the possibilities are endless. From classic leather to patent leather to nubuck to other material you can find your own style.

The process can be quick or you can spend a decent amount of time at MyReebok cooking up some cool ideas for each shoe that Reebok allows you to create. The sneakers starts off like a blank canvas and you got a great color pallette all at the click of your mouse.

Whether you are a sneakerhead or just looking for something that is original you will have a blast working on your exclusive shoe. You can even add words on the back of the shoe. Like I said before the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is just use your imagination and let your ideas fly.

YourReebok custom site have been busy over the summer designing some delectable fabric designs to give your footwear a much needed pop for Fall. Available for the ever popular InstaPump Fury for Men’s shoes and FuryLite styles for Men’s, Women’s and Kids shoes, the new fabric materials in mesh and nylon incorporate a heavy 90s feel and line art inspirations in a dizzying variety of colors and prints.

The new fabric designs include:

•Hot Dog – a fun hot dog print in red, blue and black

•Hot Dog Neon Sign – another hot dog print in neon in black

•Lunch Lady – reminiscent of tabletops in black, lush orchid, mint glow and vivid tangerine

•Dead and Gone – reminiscent of notebooks in vital blue and black

•After School Special – featuring cartoons of skateboards, hamburgers, flamingos, cassette tapes and more – in white, grey, and B&W line art versions

•Electronic Noise – a TV inspired static print in black, fierce fuchsia, glass green

•Express Yourself – a squiggly print in black, fierce fuchsia, collegiate navy, white

The custom designs range in price from $95 to $155 depending on the graphics you choose.  The shoes typically take 1 month to deliver to your doorstep.

Here is my own show that I created.

So what are you waiting for? You can make you own kicks by going to http://www.reebok.com/us/customize. Let your creativity take over and create a one of a kind sneaker.

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