Brackets are made and all eyes will soon be on Dallas. If you’re not heading to Dallas and are stuck in the office, Bud Light is making it easy to pretend like you’re working when you’re secretly watching the biggest basketball tournament of the year.

This week, Bud Light is introducing three tools to help sports fans focus on the tournament, even if they’re trapped at their desks:

Mad Ads – Keep up with all the scores – no matter what site you’re on – with Bud Light’s Mad Ads. This handy little app will replace banner ads with scoreboards. You’re welcome.

Cheat Sheet – Want to check the scores, but the boss is hovering? No sweat.  Just use the Bud Light Cheat Sheet, a spreadsheet that automatically populates with the latest tournament updates but looks like something you’re supposed to be doing. You know, work stuff.

Fast Break – Need an excuse to get away from your computer? Use the Fast Break tool to fake a hard-drive catastrophe so you can sneak away to watch the games.

Beginning today, fans can grab the tools at

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