It’s not often that you see two people wanting to share a smartphone or tablet, but when that time comes you are now able to do so with the Divy from Wicked Audio. It might have a funny name, but it is a very useful gadget.

The Divy has dual-jacks that allows you to plug in two sets of standard headphones into a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Just like those sleep number beds where you can split how firm or soft the bed can be this splitter has its own independent volume control for each input.

While most people each have their own smartphone, they may not have Wi-Fi access or a media file that another person has. Now with the Divy you can share that video or audio. It is great for when you are traveling, waiting in the long lines of the DMV, or whenever the moment arises.

One of my buddies never saw the Avengers. I had it on my iPad and our flight got delayed. I could have let him watch it by himself, but I wanted to watch it too. He didn’t have anything cool on his tablet so I plugged in the Divy and we were both able to watch and hear the movie without bothering anyone else around us.

The Divy from Wicked Audio sells for $9.99 and is an excellent gadget to have at your beck and call.

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