Sonne Industries, LLC, is redefining lighting control by introducing the first-ever system to automate indoor and outdoor lights throughout your home or business by using levels of darkness, not just the time of day. The Light Sentry™ uses a Natural Light Sensor to automatically power lights to desired intensity levels. The patented system adjusts to environmental conditions, seasonal variations and time for worry-free operation.

The versatile Light Sentry system has many applications including porch lights, landscape lighting, fans, night lights, holiday lighting, small appliances, game consoles and more. With Light Sentry users will save energy, improve safety and enhance their lifestyle. According to the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (2009), appliances, electronics and lighting make up 35% of US households energy usage representing $1,400 in annual costs. Smart Light Sentry users can save an estimated 32% in energy for a single 60 watt bulb used 5 hours per day.

The Light Sentry is a simple, do-it-yourself installation with the Natural Light Sensor placed in an area of sunlight exposure and the Portable Power Gates plugged into any outlet, with the lamp or appliance plugged into the gate. Then, with the use of a PC or Mac computer, the Light Sentry Hub syncs user preferences and power gate commands. In a matter of minutes, the Light Sentry now customizes your “light style” to meet your lifestyle needs.

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