David Ury is a great character actor and comedian with over ten years of experience and known for his roles in shows such as “Heroes” and “Breaking Bad,” among others and all of his roles have incorporated dying. He has utilized his work and expertise in “dying” to publish a new book, entitled “Everybody Dies: A Children’s Book for Grown Ups.”

A children’s book for adults, “Everybody Dies” is Internet sensation from Ken Tanaka and David Ury’s grimly hilarious attempt to explain death. Using heavily saturated pictures and frank speech, Tanaka showcases the various ways in which people can meet their fate—including a surfing tragedy, being devoured by wild animals, war, and death by convenience machine.

Through 48 full-color pages of dark fun, Tanaka and Ury unveils the truth about living and dying, and softens the blow with cute drawings and little games to familiarize yourself with the death around you. By the book’s end, death may not be any less petrifying, but the inescapability is made clear. You can purchase the book here!

Even as in high school David’s roles would meet his maker in some of his plays. David recalls, “I remember the first time I died. I was a sophomore in high school and I’d been talked into doing the school play. It was “Riders to the Sea” and I was to play Bartley, a young fisherman who meets a watery end.  I had a few lines at the top, but spent most of the play lying dead on stage.  The actress playing my mother stood over my corpse and cried and cried. In the audience, my real mother cried and cried.  At the moment, I knew this was my calling.”

I had the great chance to chat with David about his book, “Breaking Bad,” acting and more! To listen to my interview click here.

Here is the trailer Ury made with some of his “Breaking Bad” alums!

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