Anyone who’s ever been on Reddit knows that Nokia phones have developed a bit of a reputation for being indestructible. But that reputation doesn’t just apply to the old Nokia phones (like the 3310). New Nokias, like the Nokia Lumia 920, are also built to withstand physical stress from even the clumsiest of cell phone users.

I’ve dropped a phone or two in my day. Who hasn’t? Well if you want to know how the Samsung Galaxy S III stacks up to the Nokia Lumia 920 in a physical stress test, this video is for you. It shows the before and after results of both phones taking on a high speed baseball from a pitching machine. Take a look:

Not convinced? If you want to suggest a more dramatic physical challenge, send a tweet to @NokiaUS using the hashtag #lumiachallenge. Come up with something clever and you could see your idea on display in the next Outrageous Challenge video!

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