The ATX All Terrain Razor may look like a snow mobile made for an action figure, but the ATX is not a joke. The latest edition from HeadBlade has multiple blades on the razor that allow it to form to your head and a handy grip on the top of device allows you to follow a smooth path all around your head. The blade’s grip is designed for your forefinger, middle finger and pinkie finger to slide into comfortably. The circular grip can even be adjusted to fit your hand. You don’t need to apply any pressure to the blades since the wheels help out with a perfect shave.

The ATX All Terrain Razor has been in development for over three years. It had to pass four official mandates before hitting store shelves. One was to utilize new multi-blade technology that had flow through design. Second it needed to eliminate the learning curve for anyone who previously used a conventional razor. Next HeadBlade wanted it to be an effective and versatile face, body, and leg shaver. Lastly they wanted it to be a faster, easier, and more efficient head shave than any previous HeadBlade.

The HeadBlade ATX comes standard with our HB4 blades and is also compatible with the HB6. The HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor is available with a suggested retail price of $15 at

The ATX All Terrain Razor utilizes HeadBlade’s patented finger ring and car-like suspension, but the new design now has the blade suspended in the back by a spring action device, reducing any learning curve and virtually eliminating the chance of nicks or cuts.

So if you are fan of the Lex Luthor or Howie Mandel look you might want to give HeadBlade a try.

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