And quite frankly, he prefers it that way. After all, Duke Cannon doesn’t dine with Vegans and he could give a damn about your new Ipad. Duke Cannon comes from a different era. It was an era when men had a greater purpose than building spreadsheets and spending their Saturdays at Banana Republic.

In Duke’s time, men pursued meaningful endeavors. They worked with their hands. They took pride in the things they built, not the things they bought. And the mindset was simple: men wanted to win, not find the “win-win”.

If you think you are man enough for this soap why not go all in with the Limited Edition U.S. Military Field Box Gift Pack? This soap product is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories. This product is modeled after the rough cut, “brick” style of soap used by GIs during the Korean War and is manufactured in the same plant that was the primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years.

While clown soaps offer a free loofa, the Duke Cannon gift pack offers a variety pack of 5 big ass bricks of soap (3 black, 2 white), and an authentic, military field box used to carry .30 cal ammunition. These cans are reusable and watertight, and they make for great hunting/camping storage cans, or the greatest lunch pail ever.

And as a meaningless bonus, they are offering a free headlamp, a case of which was given to Duke Cannon when he rescued a Chinese shipping vessel from Somali pirates back in ‘86. The headlamps are made with the low quality you’d expect from Chinese manufacturers and should last at least a couple weeks.

Note: Cans are in used condition, and therefore have dents and scratches.

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