Iron Man 3 has been out for a few weeks in theatres. IMDB has the film ranking 7.8 out of 10. Some enjoyed the film, while others thought it was just okay. To me the Iron Man trilogy was great. One of the reasons why the Marvel Comics superhero went from a “B” status to an “A” status was because of Robert Downey Jr. He played Tony Stark to perfection. It was smart move on Marvel to start the Avenger film series with Iron Man.

If you saw the Iron Man 3 ending credits there was a montage of all the three films almost to say that this could be Downey Jr.’s last stand alone movie as Tony Stark. There have been rumors on geek blogs and film forums talking about whether or not Robert will come back to do another Iron Man film.

With that said Marvel will still be churning out these films even if they can’t get Downey Jr. to come back for Iron Man 4. (If there is one) So with that being said here are five ways that you can prep to be the next Iron Man. Follow these five steps and you might get to have Jarvis at your beck and call.

The Car – Audi R8

You can pick up Tony’s ride for around $150,000. Stark has had the misfortune of losing a few of his cars, but the car’s sticker price is mere pocket change for a billionaire. For us common folk the R8 is real investment. Still you can’t be seen driving a Civic if you plan to live the life of Tony Stark, so start saving up!

Facial Hair

One of Tony’s distinguishing characteristics is his goatee. Downey Jr. had to grow a thin mustache and a beard to look like Stark. He had to shave his beard so that he had a thin strip of hair extending from the point of his chin to just pass the corners of the mouth.  Then he had to get his hair to grow out to the point of the chin and shave it so that it forms two diamonds of bare skin between the ends of the mustache. Think you can handle that?


Stark’s intelligence allowed him to create weapons of all shapes and sizes. The best thing he created was of course the Iron Man suit. Since you might not have the allowance or know how yet to create these gadgets you can check out places like ThinkGeek to pick up things like the Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man 3 Shirt. Along with the R8 and goatee the shirt will make you start to have people wonder if you are part of the Avengers.

Go to College

I am guessing that most of you reading this didn’t go to MIT when you were 15 years old. If you did well than congrats. If not then you should start to fill out your application for Stark’s alma mater. If the tuition to MIT is out of your price range you can always just go to your local university and get Master’s degrees in electrical engineering and physics. After completing your Master’s you will have the tech and gadget savvy to start building the Iron Man suits.

Be A Smart Ass

Finally last but not least be a complete smart ass to everyone. Stark was known to be egotistical and brash. Out of these five steps this is the easiest one to attain. The banter alone between Tony Stark and Harley Keener, played by Ty Simpkins in Iron Man 3 was spectacular. Simpkins plays a kid who helps Tony out during the film. You would think Stark would be nice to a twelve year old kid, but no. Tony doesn’t care who you are, he will just speak his mind so you should do the same.

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