The original hit series “Ice Road Truckers” on the History Channel returns Sunday, June 9 at 10PM ET/PT This season, old rivalries hit an all-time high as two different companies with legendary truckers go head-to-head and try to put each other out of business. Also, after a year on hiatus, the queen of the road, Lisa Kelly, returns and chooses a side.

Throughout the season, the rivalry between the companies reaches to a boiling point as every load delivered means money out of the other team’s pocket. No assignment is off limits, no road is too dangerous and no ice crossing is too thin in this battle for winter roads supremacy.

Lisa Kelly sat down with me this week to talk about her return, broken wrists, and what she did last year when she took a break from the show.

Art Eddy: So the new season starts this month. You are back. Fans of the show are psyched that you are back. Are you excited to be back on the show?

Lisa Kelly: I am so excited to be back on the show. I had fun doing it. (Laughs)

AE: What did you do while you were away from the show?

LK: Oh it is a big, big secret. (Laughs) No, not really. Just working and living life like normal people do sometimes.

AE: So do you consider yourself not normal when you are doing the show?

LK: Sometimes it gets pretty not normal. It is pretty crazy.

AE: Did you get a lot of mail or tweets from fans wanting you to come back on the show?

LK: Yea the fans are great. It was a great support system, but that was the number one asked question. It tells me that people care so that was awesome, but yea tons of that.

AE: The show is very interesting, but you guys are just doing your job. Some of the stuff you guys have to do is amazing. Does it feel weird to you that people are so involved with what you do for a living?

LK: I am just amazed that people are interested in it. You say what we do is amazing and I think it is amazing that you guys think it is amazing.

AE: What can fans of the show expect from you and the rest of the gang on the show?

LK: I am not entirely sure because it is a whole new ball game. Everything has changed this year. I am not in Alaska. I am in Canada now. I am not working for Carlile. I am working for a different company. Just for the show. I took time off of Carlile for show. I am back at Carlile now. I am literally in my truck right now.

Other than that I don’t know. There is a new show runner. It is a whole new thing. I had a lot of fun. I didn’t throw caution to the wind I would say, but I would say because I wasn’t working for Carlile I didn’t have to be so focused on safety and not getting fired. I had fun with it. I don’t know how that will come off, but I had a lot of fun with it.

AE: During this season I heard you broke your wrist. How did that happen and has that affected your driving?

LK: I didn’t break my wrist on the show. I broke it racing motocross last summer in June or July. I was racing and over jumped a jump and impact fractured it. I don’t know what happened. All I know is that I am doing okay. It took forever to heal. When I tried to shift at international 13 speed it just aggravated it to where I didn’t know at first what to do.

So I trained my camera guy on how to shift for me. So I would tell him what gear I had to shift into. I was like okay this aint going to last long. Then I am like oh I got duct tape. So I started duct taping it. The whole show it was wrapped up. It was really bothering me. It just won’t get better. I can tell I am getting old. I don’t heal.

AE: In what ways has the show changed your life?

LK: It has just changed it period. It changed it from top to bottom. It has taken over. It’s become my life. I can’t talk to anybody without mentioning the show or some interview because that is my life. I’m not bragging. It is just you want me to talk that’s all I got.

AE: You and Hugh Rowland have a bit of a rivalry. Will we see more of this transpire on the show this season?

LK: I didn’t know that we had something going on until I saw the preview. So I guess we have something. I don’t know. I just do my job and whatever happens, happens. Things did happen. I didn’t see it as a big deal of anything more than I would normally handle somebody that’s difficult.

To listen to the entire interview to find out what other bones Lisa has broken click here!

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