Last night, our good friends at AXE Hair sent us out to Westwood for the premiere of The Internship, a new comedy with a familiar funny formula – lots of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The Wedding Crashers duo reunites under less raunchy circumstances this time (the film is rated PG-13 after all), but the results are the same. These two guys can carry a film.

But they almost don’t have to. The story is solid. The dialogue is witty. The supporting characters shine. And the overall positive sentiment that wraps itself around the entire film is infectious and welcome. It’s like a warm blanket that may be a bit worn, but it’s familiar, comfortable and effective. There’s a lot of feel good in this film.

Vaughn and Wilson play two down on their luck sales guys who find themselves out of work and looking for their next big career opportunity. After discovering that Google was voted the best place to work in America, the two buddies set their sights on a competitive internship program that pits them against some of the brightest young minds in the country. The prize is a full-time position with the search engine giant.

The film can feel like a two-hour infomercial for Google at times, but the heavy-handed product/corporate philosophy placement is tolerable. Google’s playfully progressive Mountain View headquarters serves as the backdrop for a story that takes some time to unfold, but stays well-paced and punchy throughout.

The Internship is sweet to the point of sappy, but never saccharine. It all plays out like some throwback 80s flick, with solid one-liners, lots of life lessons, a killer montage and plenty of Flashdance references.

This is a job well done by Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy and the script is way funnier than the previous Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern effort, The Watch. If you accept the light ride, embrace the teaching moments, get over the product placement and just sit back and enjoy the laughs, this is two hours well spent.

The Internship hits theaters on June 7.

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