Jimmy Kimmel hosted Sir Paul McCartney this past Monday and our friends at Guinness made sure we were on hand to witness it. Guinness sponsors the green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live and they also sponsored the show that Sir Paul put on. It was a pretty legit show, too.

Kimmel shut down Hollywood Blvd right in front of his studio and the El Capitan. People were lining up all day to get a chance to see McCartney’s set. Although only a handful of songs made the show, the dude actually played for quite a bit.

McCartney was promoting his new album, aptly titled NEW. He played some of that new material, sure, but the guy knew what would get the crowd going. He mixed in some old Beatles tunes, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” and “Back in the U.S.S.R.” He also covered some Wings-era material like ”Band on the Run.”

There were two different pianos on stage, so you knew there had to be some “Let It Be” action. The big finish was saved for “Hey Jude,” a song that generated plenty of audience participation. Joining the huge crowd for some quality “na na na na-na-na-na” time was really pretty sweet. Check out the video:

The performance was sponsored by Guinness and included elements of their #MadeOfMore campaign. The campaign highlights that little bit extra that makes things distinguished and good, like this new basketball spot that they’re running:

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