A day before the 2012 NFL Draft, AXE held a last-minute display of athleticism in the AXE Sport Blast Combine House in New York City. This was not another pre-draft workout for college football players vying for the 253 available NFL draft slots. It was a friendly combine competition between Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and super-sexy supermodel Kate Upton.

Upton and Pierre-Paul went head-to-head in a balance beam competition and took part in an intense table tennis battle. The event was organized to promote the launch of AXE Sport Blast 2-in-1 Shower Gel + Shampoo, a new combo shower product that’ll leave you energized and happy that you made such efficient use of your shower time.

And hey, we’ll take advantage of any opportunity we can get to post photos of Kate Upton:

Kate Upton

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