Live and Let Die was the first Bond movie that I ever saw. I watched it when I was a kid traveling with my family in Vienna. Even though it was dubbed in German, I knew it was something awesome. I also remember thinking that Jane Seymour was super hot. I took a mental note of that as an eleven year old.

Fast forward 20+ years and yea, Live and Let Die is still a pretty good movie. I caught it on a nostalgic DVR decision. It was Roger Moore’s first Bond flick. Sean Connery was offered a huge stack of cash to reprise his role as Bond, but he declined, and officially endorsed Moore as his replacement.

The whole time I was watching Moore’s first run as Bond, I just couldn’t believe how unbelievably hot Seymour was as Solitaire. Her wardrobe, her face, those eyes; she’s like a 70’s Olivia Munn with bigger hair and bigger shoes. Forget the fact that Jane Seymour is still bangin’ at age 61. There’s just something about 1973 Live and Let Die Jane Seymour that’s worth celebrating, even almost forty years later. Take a look:








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