Chad Ochocinco has a Twitter problem. It’s nothing new. The guy’s been on the tweets for some time now. He loves it. Ochocinco even started his own sports network on the thing. OCNN, the Ochocinco News Network, was launched last year under the slogan “If I break it, you might as well believe it.”

But tweets have gotten Ochocinco in trouble in the past. He got some heat for smack tweeting with guys like Nick Barnett, Shawne Merriman, Mark Schlereth, Mike Golic and Mike Florio When the NFL fined Ochocinco $30,000 for sporting a decorative poncho and sombrero, the fine was so stiff because Ochocinco tweeted about the celebration ahead of time.“What I’ve planned for today will get me fined when I score but it’s so worth it,” he posted in a tweet to Adam Schefter.

Last season, Ochocinco’s Twitter obsession prompted the NFL to issue a game day social media policy. The policy prevents all players, coaches and football personnel from posting to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook 90 minutes before the start of the game up until the post-game interviews are completed.

Ochocinco wasn’t happy about the policy at the time. “Damn NFL and these rules,” Ochocinco tweeted last summer.  “I am going by my own set of rules, I ain’t hurting nobody or getting in trouble, I am putting my foot down!!”

After getting hit hard in a preseason game last week, Ochocinco decided to post an in-game tweet about it:

“Man Im sick of getting hit like that, its the damn preseason shit! 1day I’m gone jump up and start throwing hay makers, #Tylenolplease.”

And the NFL fined him $25,000 for it.

Ochocinco’s response?

“Dear NFL I apologize for tweeting during the game but that was 2 months of my you just took from me, I won’t do it again”

So there you have it. Ochocinco says he won’t do it again. I say if you’re going to get fined $25,000, have it be for something bold, not an in-game preseason tweet. It just doesn’t seem worth the 25K.

The NFL has to draw the line somewhere, but the league also needs players like Ochocinco to push the envelope on fun a little bit. I just hope the next fine Ochocinco gets is for something more entertaining than tweeting a Tylenol joke.

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