Things are somewhat different in Japan. You know this already. The Japanese have different views on automobiles, pet grooming and hotel bathroom signs. They also have different names for your favorite American movies. Here are 10 awesome examples of Japanese titles for American films.

10. Possible Kingdom (Pay It Forward)

If Haley Joel Osment were king, anything would be possible.

9. If You Find a Writer (Finding Forrester)

You found the writer now, dog!

8. Fortune Cookie (Freaky Friday)

Cause they don’t have Fridays in Japan.

7. Melanie Is Going (Sweet Home Alabama)

Where the hell is Alabama?

6. Battlefield Pianist (The Pianist)

Is this movie about a piano? No bro, it’s about war.

5. Chocolate (Monster’s Ball)

Chocolate, it makes you feel good.

4. Smirk of Ice (Basic Instinct)

Sharon Stone is a sexy, cold-hearted killer, but at least she has a sense of humor!

3. Malkovich’s Hole (Being John Malkovich)

Sounds like a porno, but it really makes more sense this way.

2. Fake (Donnie Brasco)

Spoiler Alert!

1. Cheers! (Bring It On)

Like totally cheers me out, I mean right on.

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