Who doesn’t love Weezer? Nobody, that’s who. Weezer appeals to everyone, from the old folks who remember buying that first blue CD to the young’uns who discovered the band’s mp3’s on iTunes. Weezer crosses eras and taste camps. And they also put on a damn good live show.

Well Weezer’s got a new set of concert tour dates on tap, and if you want to enter to win a one-of-a-kind experience with the band, check out the pretty sweet contest on the State Farm Facebook page. The Grantin’ Wishes with Weezer Contest asks the question, “If you could have one wish granted by State Farm & Weezer, what would it be?” Now that’s a pretty open question that can go in lots of different directions. So fans are encouraged to record and upload a video or write-in their wish on the State Farm Facebook page. Facebook visitors can also view a video of Rivers Cuomo and Patrick WIlson introducing the contest on the State Farm page. You can also enter the conest at the State Farm/Weezer booths available at Weezer’s NYC concert venues.

When all is said and done, four winners will get to attend the band’s final concert of the Weezer Memories Tour Driven by State Farm in Chicago and have their wish granted. The winners will be flown out on January 7-8. If you have a unique idea or creative wish in mind, write it down, film it and head to Facebook to get that wish entered. The contest runs till December 24, so get on it.

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