This week, MANjr is giving away three DVD copies of the film Leaves of Grass. Written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, Leaves of Grass is a film is about drugs, murder and brotherly love. It stars Edward Norton, Keri Russel, Richard Dreyfuss and Susan Sarandon. The story centers around two identical twins, both played by Ed Norton. One brother is an Ivy League professor who returns to his hometown in Oklahoma to help his other brother, a weed-growing genius, get out of a jam with a local drug lord. The film features plenty of laughs, action and Norton-on-Norton banter. Here’s a trailer for the movie:

Here’s what you need to do to get your DVD copy:

  • Follow us on Twitter (@MANjrcom)
  • Leave us a comment telling us why Ed Norton is awesome
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • Giveaway ends next Monday, October 25th

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