Remember when you were a kid and the best form of entertainment in the world was finding the perfect victim to prank call? Well, even though the advent of caller ID has made this pastime much more difficult, the trend still carries on. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next call, wanting to take a walk down memory lane, or just get a good laugh—you just have to hear these recorded prank calls.

1. Looking back, I was probably about 12 years old when I used to prank call. Here’s a kid of the same age calling… drum roll… a prostitute.

2. Sometimes people use prank calls for good. This radio show host calls a guy while his girlfriend secretly listens on the line. The guy reveals that he has a wife and the unknowing girlfriend lets him have it.

3. These days, impersonating a celebrity is easier than ever with character sound boards. With a little help, Peter Griffin gives Geico a call.

4. Have you ever prank called your own parents? This girl sets up her parents and exposes their racism.

5. Another classic thing to do is call a store and ask for an embarrassing product. Butt plugs anyone?

6. Becky wants her school destroyed. So she calls a demolition crew.

7. Can you believe even Al Pacino prank calls people? Okay, it’s not really him. But it sounds like him. And he sounds like he wants to kick someone’s ass.

8. Sometimes it’s most fun to call a random number with no plan at all. Free style it.

9. Have you ever dealt with the people at Best Buy? So annoying. Here they get a taste of their own medicine.

10. It seems that not even governors are immune to prank calls. Radio shows always do it right.

11. I’ve never called a customer support line that wasn’t a complete pain in the ass. Why haven’t I ever thought of prank calling them?

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