Uh-o. You called down the Ben Quayle thunder, we’ll now you got it, sonnn! Baby Quayle is running for Congress, and he’s not gonna pussyfoot around the major issues that are freakin’ out America. This 30-second video covers it all:

Barack Obama is the worst president in history (’sup now Warren G. Harding?). How does Ben know this? Cause he’s from Arizona and he was raised white right. Drug-pushing immigrants, presidents and all of D.C. beware, Baby Quayle is coming to Washington and hell’s coming with him.

It’s gonna be a bloody, bone-crushing, bare-knuckle beatdown as this Washington outsider/son-of-a-former-Vice-President comes to town to drop a hammer of values on the entire system. Might as well turn our nation’s capital into an octagon now.

Seriously though, that commercial is 30-seconds of well-crafted fear-hate. What happened to America? A black president, a bunch of Mexicans and taxes. They’re all working together in a synergistic cartel to eff the country up for Ben Quayle’s generation (he’s 33).

Look, hope and change may not be as hopeful and change-like as advertised, but worst president ever? C’mon now. It’s silly trash like Ben Quayle’s ad that makes it impossible to have a serious political conversation in this country. Most people don’t love Obama more than they love Jesus and most people don’t hate Obama more than they hate Hitler. There’s a whole lot of middle ground in between those two extremes.

America’s full of indifference. The more shrill each side of the aisle gets, the more difficult it is to get all those uninterested folks in the middle to give a shit.

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