I know that many people, myself included, enjoy when the fall comes around. Yet deep down you have to admit it is hard to say good-bye to the summer. Yes, football is back and there is pumpkin scented everything, but some of the summer activities will surely be missed.

Labor Day is considered as the unofficial end of summer, but that is not cool. There are still plenty of days of the summer to enjoy. So don’t pack up the grill just yet. Before all the leaves fall off the trees there is still time to enjoy the summer.

Thankfully the good folks at Tanqueray challenged me to make a summer cocktail to celebrate the end of summer. I came up with the Summer Sunset using Tanqueray No. Ten Gin.  I wanted to use some yellow and orange colors in the drink to showcase the colors of the sun and summer. So heat up the grill and cook some burgers while you are watching the games on TV with friends. Pass around the Summer Sunset to your friends so you all can say good-bye to summer in a proper way.

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1.5 oz Tanqueray No. Ten Gin

1.0 oz Cranberry Lime seltzer

.75 oz Orange juice

1 lime wedge



Mix all the ingredients together in an old fashioned glass. Add ice and stir ingredients until the cocktail is properly mixed. Add a lime wedge on the edge of the glass.