This holiday season, if you’re looking to purchase booze for a buddy, there are tons of options open to you. You can take the high-end route and spend a bunch of cash, or you can take a different, more throwback approach.

I’m talking about Canadian Club Whisky. This is the kinda whisky you’d purchase for your Grandpa. And I totally mean that in a good way.

Your Grandpa isn’t gonna give an eff about the latest, trendiest, priciest single-malt whisky. You old man’s old man would likely prefer a comfortable, more familiar gift selection. One that says, “Hey remember me? We used to be really good friends.” That’s the message that Canadian Club Whisky sends.

It’s not an entry-level whisky purchase, that’s for damn sure. When you give the gift of Canadian Club, you’re basically saying, “Look, I know you started drinking the good stuff way before I was born, but here’s a reminder of how things used to be. I wasn’t there, but as I understand it, things we’re pretty cool back then. Anyway, here’s a small token of my appreciation for you being there, back in the day, and me understanding — even a little bit — what your tastes were like back then when I wasn’t around.”

Still, this isn’t a gift that’s strictly limited to old timers who love whisky, but all I’m saying is if you want to score points with your dad, uncle, gramps, etc., then you can’t really go wrong with Canadian Club. And if you want to introduce a new generation to a throwback spirit that was universally enjoyed as a quality, whisky-lover’s choice, then Canadian Club is a solid option.

Either way, if you know someone who’d be happy to open up a classic whisky this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with Canadian Club. It’s a no-frills, classic-tasting, put-hair-on-your-chest kind of whisky. Any purist, young or old, will certainly enjoy it. It’s a semi-affordable way to say you still value a time when masculine drinks we’re appreciated.