While I was enjoying my time at the Big Apple Film Festival I wanted to make sure I was taking in all the sights, sounds, and tastes. Yes, that is right I said tastes. You might ask yourself what kind of tastes would there be at a film fest. Believe it or not there were some great foods and cocktails to experience at the festival.

After movie screenings there would be the occasional after party. These parties were a blast to attend. I had the good fortune to talk with some of the actors or directors of those films. These actors and directors took the time to give me some in depth analysis of the films that they were in.

Another cool aspect about these parties was the fact that everyone was so down to Earth. The actors were happy to engage in some conversation about their roles and what their mindset was as shooting began. I learned a great deal from these discussions.

The chats with the actors and directors were fun all by itself, but having the opportunity to try out some of the inspired cocktails for the film fest was icing on the cake. So for those who were not able to check out the Big Apple Film Festival, here are some of the cocktail recipes from the fest that I think you will enjoy.

First Take

1 ½ oz. Bulleit Bourbon

2 lemon wedges

3 oz. tonic

Preparation: Build in a highball glass, serve over ice.

The Big Apple Manhattan

1 oz. Bulleit Rye

.25 oz Sweet Vermouth

3 dash Angostura Bitters

Preparation: Stir. Strain. Serve over ice in a rocks glass with a cherry.

Kentucky Calling

.75 oz. Bulleit Bourbon

.25 oz. East India Solera sherry

.25 oz. Ramazotti

2 dash Bittermens Mole bitters

Preparation: Stir and strain into a Nick and Nora glass. Garnish with an orange twist.