AXE has been making dudes smell better for years now, but the Unilever brand is now branching out into other men’s care products that’ll help you fix your face, man. A few weeks back, AXE sent the MANjr team a huge bag of AXE Face Care goodies, and after testing the stuff out, we’re ready to report our findings.

I should start by saying that I’m a sensitive guy. I like heartwarming films, I have a soft spot for Enya and razor burn is a problem for me and my sweet manchild babyface. Okay, glad I got that out of the way.

So needless to say, I gravitated towards the sensitive skin line of the AXE Men Face Care products. And this stuff is awesome. The AXE Shield Shave Gel for sensitive, ultra-smooth skin is fantastic. It’s a gel, but it’s not some fluorescent neon color that comes out smelling like a tropical lady drink that you’d order in the Caribbean. It’s a gel that foams up like there’s no tomorrow and actually feels and smells like men’s shaving cream. What a novel idea!

AXE has partnered with Schick and Norelco for a co-branded line of razors and electric shavers. I’ve used both shaving tools before and I have no complaints there. I probably lean more toward the Schick Hydro, but that’s just me.

So after the Schick and sensitive shave gel routine, I moved on to the sensitive AXE Shield Face Hydrator & Post-Shave Lotion. Stuff worked like a dream. Seriously, I usually have some level of post-shave irritation on my baby-soft face skin. It either happens right away or shows up in the evening or the following morning. But not with this stuff. The lotion left me non-irritable and good-smelling. That’s what it’s supposed to do, right?

Before you can get your shave on though, you need to clean up that face of yours, dude. Being a sensitive fella, I’m not opposed to a little exfoliation every now and then. I usually reach for some St. Ives apricot scrub (or a generic equivalent), but I still like face wash that foams up and leaves your skin oil-free without being too dry and harsh. This is what AXE Controil Oily Skin Face Scrub can do for you. Foamy, a little bit of exfoliation action and a nice, smooth, non-dry skin finish. Go get some.

There’s a bunch of other AXE Face flavors available. Check out to learn more about the product line and vote on user uploaded photos using Facescore.