When it comes to late night adult-rated soft core pornography, Cinemax (a.k.a.  Skinemax) is the king. Well the king is about to be dethroned… at least for the months of July and August (2010). I have discovered a new king of no genitalia showing, bad boob job bouncing, horrendously bad acting late night soft-core porn:  Showtime. Why is Showtime the new king? Because they offer a healthy lineup of adult movie spoofs.

As if soft-core porn wasn’t funny enough…

I don’t know about you, but when I watch naked ladies with enormous foreign bodies bolted to their chest pretending to get humped by male actors who obviously had dreams of being the next Brad Pitt, I want to have a chuckle here and there. That’s why The Erotic Traveler (a Skinemax standard) just won’t do.

Don’t agree? Well then I dare you to NOT chuckle at these Top 3 Adult Movie Spoofs on Showtime:

The Hills Have Thighs

Synopsis: A group searches the desert for a missing friend (here’s the “Eyes” connection) but instead, they find a trio of crazed, sex-starved mutant women (of course they do!). No gore in this one, unless you count bad tit jobs gory (I sure do… yuck!).

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Lord of the G-Strings

Synopsis:  This erotic take on the highly successful trilogy features such memorable characters as “Throbbits” (are you kidding me???) and a wizard named Smirnoff (oh come on!!!). If you enjoy a little fantasy in your soft core entertainment, this one’s for you (you sick-o!). J. R. R. Tolkien must be spinning in his grave at this very moment.

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The Devil Wears Nada

Synopsis: Some busty broad named Candy Cane gets a job with a New York publishing company (okay, here’s the “Prada” connection) that specializes in adult material (good lord), but finds herself becoming a sex slave for the crazy ass editor (thoughts of Meryl Streep in leather come to mind) who leads her employees through a maze of fantastic erotic encounters (hint: these encounters do not involve hunting down a copy of the unpublished Harry Potter movie).

Note: I couldn’t find a video online specific to this movie, but this highlights the man behind this masterpiece – Jim Wynorski, also known for other classics as The Bare Wench Project and The Witches of Breastwick.

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Who comes up with these things (besides Jim Wynorski)? Seriously! They’re fantastically bad; but you can’t help but stop and watch them when you come across these titles late one Wednesday night when you’re flipping through the premium channel menu. How could you say “NO” to amazing tales of sex-starved mutant women, sex-crazed publishing company editors or”Throbbits”?

Exactly. You can’t. Thank you, Showtime. Thank you.

(NOTE: Some of these actually show on The Movie Channel, which is part of the Showtime family. So Showtime is still to blame).