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Although astrology is all about generalizations, it can be a fun way to see what kinds of people can make the best matches for us in our love lives. However, relying heavily on astrology can be damaging to our dating lives. Using astrology to help us find the best rebound partner, fling, or booty call can actually become quite useful. How many times have we been in a situation where we meet a guy at a bar and end up going home with them? Only to find out that the physical chemistry simply isn’t there? It happens all too often.

Now, we can turn to the stars to help us navigate the single life like a champ. Choosing a fling based on when they were born is an exciting way to look at relationships and find out what you want out of one. Instead, most twenty-somethings turn to having flings or even one-night stands to get them through. As a result, we’ve created a magical guide for all you single people to follow so that you end up having a memorable fling instead of regretting that one-night stand because the passionate chemistry was never there.

24 Scorpio Man & Cancer Woman

There is a clear difference between a fling and true love When it comes to a Scorpio man and Cancer woman, a fling is destined to be amazing and exhilarating. These deeply feeling water-signs have some incredibly similar needs. However, they do have some apparent distinctions. Two water sign people can feel like they know and understand one another a natural, spiritual level from the very first moment that they meet. Over time, however, the differences make a real relationship incredibly difficult. Therefore, these two can quickly burn which is why a summer fling is really the only way for a Scorpio man and Cancer women to be together unless of course, they can successfully healthily resolve their issues. As a result, if you are a Cancer woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man, remember that the likelihood of a relationship coming from this is rare.

23 Cancer Man & Scorpio Woman

Both the Cancer man and Scorpio woman are water signs, that is why blend well with one another. Just like a Cancer woman and Scorpio man, these two lovebirds take commitment very seriously and will never rush into any romantic relationship until they feel it’s right. As a result, both the Cancer man and Scorpio woman can develop strong feelings and extreme passion for one another. A Cancer man is extremely courteous and considerate in general, but especially in his romantic relationships. Having such a remarkable sense of humor, a Cancer man will have an incredible ability to laugh at anything that annoys him, even himself. On the other hand, a Scorpio woman is utterly and completely confident in her own skin which attracts the sensitive Cancer man like a magnet.

22 Scorpio Man & Taurus Woman

Both the Taurus woman and Scorpio man are attracted to one another’s strong personality and willingness to commit. That is why this combination is one of the most sexually intense and magnetic matches. Mutual respect is an essential part of this partnership which can turn this fling into a long-lasting relationship. A Scorpio man is extremely perceptive and has the uncanny ability to understand the reasons and motives of others which make him a lot more aware of a wide range of situations and possibilities. A Taurus woman is extremely down-to-earth and hardworking. This combination attracts the Scorpio man from the get-go. The combination leads to stability which both the Scorpio man and Taurus woman crave in any relationship that they have. As the eyes of the passionate Taurus woman meet the hypnotic eyes of the Scorpio man, there is an attraction that both parties experience, especially the girl.

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