Nothing beats a warm summer day with your special someone and an ice-cold can of Rosè to help beat the heat. National Rosè Day is quickly approaching and with Smirnoff’s 4 different Rosè flavors, we have just the 0 sugar beverage for you. Even if you don’t normally reach for the Rosè, why not join in on the holiday fun?

Smirnoff Seltzer offers a delicious, refreshing-tasting Rosè without the hassle (or extra calories) and you don’t even need a wine opener! Smirnoff Seltzer recently launched the new Four Ways to Rosè variety pack which features twelve cans of the most delicious Rosè flavors including brand new White Peach Rosè, Strawberry Rosè, Pink Apple Rosè and the fan favorite from last summer, Raspberry Rosè.  The perfect fit for everyone, Smirnoff Seltzer’s new Rosè flavors are 90 calories and ZERO SUGAR—no need to use a cheat day to enjoy!

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