May is jam packed with all sorts of good stuff. One major event is Mother’s Day. The MLB and Budweiser teamed up to showcase moms. Budweiser has always championed iconic moments in American culture. So this Mother’s Day, we’re honoring the legends behind the legends, Moms. With the help of some of MLB’s biggest stars, Budweiser is inspiring America to #CallYourMom with four new videos that will air this Sunday on Mother’s Day.

Budweiser’s new videos feature Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals, Willson Contreras of the Chicago Cubs, Khris Davis of the Oakland Athletics, and Luis Severino of the New York Yankees calling their moms after a career-defining moment. We know the role mothers play in the careers of some of MLB’s greatest athletes, and want to inspire the nation with a glimpse behind the curtain of that heartfelt call between an MLB legend and his mother.

As an official sponsor of the MLB, Budweiser purchased a full commercial break during a nationally televised game to remind fans to #CallYourMom. The 90-second tv spot will include New York Yankees player Luis Severino’s 30-second video and a 60-second ticker that reminds fans to #CallYourMom during the break.

And to continuing with the sports theme as the official beer sponsor of the New York Knicks, Budweiser will launch the Budweiser Draught Lottery – Free Bud for New Yorkers, With the Bounce of a Ball.

As part of the Budweiser Draught Lottery, the brand will hold a city-wide beer lottery giveaway event that gives New Yorkers a chance to score a Budweiser this Tuesday, May 14 – the same day as the highly-anticipated NBA Draft Lottery.


  • Budweiser created five Draught Lottery Machines (image attached and below) that will be placed in bars across Manhattan in time for Knicks fans to congregate and watch the NBA Draft Lottery on May 14 at 8:30 PM ET.
  • On the day of the NBA Draft Lottery, Budweiser Draught Lottery Machines will give New Yorkers a 14% to score a free beer – the same odds as the Knicks have to win the #1 NBA Draft Pick.

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