Anyone thirsty for something new? There are those that live life all out, but even those go-getters sometimes need a refreshing break from the daily grind. But visionaries don’t rest – they thirst for a refreshing beverage that lightens their step and heightens their taste buds with a thirst-quenching burst of flavor. They desire a chill with a charge, a lightness that is bold and lemon-lime flavor so crisp it lights their fires and sharpens their swagger. So do-ers can refresh, recharge and get back to what they are doing.

Introducing new MTN DEW ICE. It’s a clear, citrus-forward DEW made with a mouth-watering blend of lemon and lime flavors to excite your senses. Made with a splash of real juice, MTN DEW ICETM is charged with all of the right ingredients to keep you invigorated throughout your day.

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