The Philadelphia Eagles returned to Philly as world champs this week and they had a victory parade for the ages. In honor of their big win, defensive end Chris Long generously gifted bottles of Crown Royal XR to the entire 2018 squad. The bottles of $130 whisky come enclosed in blue velvet bags that were embroidered to reflect the team’s achievement (see below).

Long had the following to say about their accomplishment:

“We came together on Sunday and finished out the season on the highest note possible,” said Chris Long. “To commemorate this big win, me and my friends at Crown Royal are giving each of my teammates a bottle of Crown Royal XR in a custom embroidered bag.” Free Periscope porn download unlimited

Crown Royal donated a total of $100,000 to Waterboys, a charitable organization within the Chris Long Foundation. Waterboys has funds life-sustaining water wells for East African communities and Crown Royal helped fund two additional wells for those in need during the football season.

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