Bulleit is shaking up tattoo culture with the announcement of a new series of limited edition Bulleit Bourbon bottles. Bulleit Bourbon teamed up with four trailblazing tattoo artists to release Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition. Participating artists include Shawn Barber (Los Angeles), Jess Mascetti (New York), Thomas Hooper (Texas) and Jason Kundell (Oregon).

As part of an ongoing series of projects and collaborations with modern cultural creators, the latest Bulleit Frontier Works project is a limited collection of tattooed Bulleit Bourbon bottles. The limited release tattoo collection marks the first time that the iconic Bulleit Bourbon bottle has been altered.

The series contains four unique tattoo designs on the iconic Bulleit bottle from the artists whose work is inspired by the frontier spirit and the culture of the cities they live in. The limited release tattoo bottles will be available for purchase in each artist’s respective state beginning in August and select bottles will be available nationwide.

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