As the NASCAR season starts winding down so does the fantastic career of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser is raising a cold one to the retirement of arguably the most popular driver in NASCAR history, Dale Earnhardt Jr, with a new video titled “One Last Ride.” The emotive content showcases Budweiser bringing back Dale Jr’s famed Bud car for one last ride down memory lane, just in time for the legendary driver’s final race this weekend.

The video is set to one of Dale Jr’s favorite songs, “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron, and gives the viewer the impression that the Bud car is driving itself on a few last laps on a quiet night around its favorite track—Daytona— and reflecting back on its career. As the car races around the iconic corners, historic footage and commentary of Dale Jr’s most famous wins, cut in and out of the shot as the sound of the crowd roars. The video highlights the emotional journey that he has undertaken in America’s favorite motorsport and how important he has been to the fans.

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