Jim Beam creating a new holiday cocktail called “The Irish American.” There are 39.6 million Irish Americans living in the U.S. today – seven times more than the entire population of Ireland. Jim Beam created this cocktail to help celebrate the melding of these two proud cultures.

“The Irish American” combines the classic American ingredients of bourbon and cola  with Cider to produce a cocktail that captures the crisp, fruity flavors of a traditional Irish cider all while mimicking the look and slightly bitter taste of Ireland’s favorite dark stout.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, make history and forge your own holiday traditions by mixing up this new classic.

The Irish American

2 parts Jim Beam® Bourbon

1½ parts infused cola syrup

½ parts apple cider

¼ parts lemon juice

1 egg white

Cinnamon stick for garnishing

Making infused cola syrup: Combine everything in an appropriately sized stainless steel pot and turn on to medium heat. Reduce by half and strain out the coffee and cinnamon. Continue reducing until only 1½ cups remain. Cool. Refrigerate.

Infused cola syrup ingredients

5 cups cola

4 tablespoons coffee grounds

2 cinnamon sticks

Cocktail Instructions: Build cocktail in shaker. Dry shake until frothy. Add ice. Shake till cold. Strain into a rocks glass or coupe. Grate cinnamon into the top of cocktail as garnish/aromatic.

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