Just when you thought you couldn’t love the folks at Guinness anymore they bring two new more beers into the mix. Two beers from The Brewers Project are making their official debut in America for a limited time – the West Indies Porter and Dublin Porter.

Rooted in the history and showcasing the brand’s innovative spirit of creating great beer beyond the iconic stout, the West Indies Porter and Dublin Porter have been reinvented from old recipes found in the Guinness Brewers’ diaries.

With origins in a 1796 entry in the Guinness brewers’ diaries, the Dublin Porter was inspired by the golden age of porter in the 1800s. This was a time when porter was the working man’s beer and after a long day’s work in Dublin or London, Guinness would have been a respected choice. The West Indies porter is based on an 1801 diary entry for the first Guinness purposely brewed to maintain its freshness, on long sea voyages to the Caribbean and beyond. To guarantee the best quality upon arrival, Guinness brewers made a porter with more hops and a higher gravity.

They’re available now, along with Guinness Extra Stout, at participating Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s, and Total Wine & More locations nationally as part of The Brewers Project Pack for manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $21.99. Whether enjoying a beer from The Brewers Project Pack or any Guinness beer, please drink responsibly.

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