How many times will you be heading to the beach this summer? In the past did you make it on the sand and realize that you forgot stuff either in your car or home? You don’t want to turn back and give up your prime spot so you just toughed it out. Now you won’t make that mistake again. Parrot Bay has your ultimate summer beach checklist you should look over before hitting the beach. This list also helps for when you are going to a BBQ or any other fun event this summer.

Homemade popsicles – Mix frozen fruit, ice and a splash of club soda in a blender and pour into fun shaped containers and freeze overnight.

Spray water bottle – For your personal water mister on-the-go to keep cool on hot days

SPF – Don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen for those extra-sunny days

Parrot Bay Margaritas with Coconut Water – This reduced calorie ready-to-drink margarita offers a delicious margarita taste in an 8 oz. sized can, perfect for when your packing up that cooler.

Water – It’s important to always remember to keep hydrated on hot days, especially when enjoying a cocktail.

So there you have it. Now you are ready for the summer.

I also took part in the Parrot Bay Margarita Showdown. I was sent a tasting kit that had two unmarked cans that were ready-to-serve margaritas. One was labeled A and the other was labeled B. I opened up each one and poured into a glass with a salt rim.

I tried the can A. It was just okay, but it had a musty undertone taste to it. Can B was different. The taste was lighter and crisp. I ripped off both of the covers on each can. Can A was Bud Light Lime-A-Rita and Can B was the Parrot Bay Margarita with Coconut Water. Both were in an 8 oz. slim line can. For me the Parrot Bay Margarita will be perfect for those hot summer days when you are looking to enjoy a nice cocktail responsibly.

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