JJ Watt is the epitome of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Every day he works to outperform his competition through his tough fitness regime outside of the bright lights on the field. With the kick-off of football season here, JJ Watt will put his talents on display and lock in to perform at the highest level of his potential.

Watt knew that his dream was to play professional football and that he’d have to push himself as hard as he could to achieve that goal. First comes belief and then comes the sacrifice. If enough time, sweat, and effort are put towards that goal, that lock in moment is achieved and you’re good to go. “I wanted to be here, I thought I could be here, and I worked to be here, so I’m here,” says JJ Watt.

Whether he’s going for speed or working on his agility, JJ Watt’s workout starts with locking into a pair of Reebok’s ZPump Fusion. Click here to get the limited edition ZPump Fusion customized by JJ Watt.

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