If you think that Bacardi is just about spirits and cocktails, you need to take a closer look. Just as Bacardi adds flavor to your life with their iconic cocktails they look to add flavor in other ways. Recently Bacardi brought together an eclectic group of influential individuals from across the music and arts worlds for a passionate roundtable discussion on the topic. The event was part of the brand’s Untameable Artist Series where tastemakers share advice, lessons and experiences on how they’ve gotten to where they are and what it takes to be an artist today.

In this video you will see Swizz Beatz talking about breaking down boundaries and resonating across platforms. Lil Dicky feels that, “You can live with failure but you can’t live with ‘what if?’” and touching on the ‘do it yourself’ culture prevalent in today’s society. BK (Brian Kirhagis) says that the only thing you can really control in this life is how hard you work and Matsuya talks about his arrival in New York and digging out his own opportunities.

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